Door Gasket, Sound Absorber Interior with Neoprene and Magnetic Seal

Door Gasket, Sound Absorber Interior with Neoprene and Magnetic Seal


Door Seal for head and jambs on metal doors thatworks to effectively block sounds. Consists of a vinyl covered magnet a neoprene bulb and sound absorbing (Closed Cell Rubber)  high quality material. This door gasket is also smoke rated. Can be custom cut to size.


Price: $25.77

MPN 3708
Avail. Finishes Clear Anodized
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This sealing system is fitted with many soundproofing components to create a reliable sound seal. Firstly, it's interior is filled with sound energy absorber material. It also has a neoprene bulb, which is smoke rated, which compresses when the door is closed to create a soundproof barrier.

This head and jamb protector contains a magnetic seal that works with a metal door (for non-metal options, see our Door Gasket, Sound Absorber Double Neoprene). The aluminum anodized casing features a snap on tamper-proof cover for streamlined design that eliminates exposed mounting screws. Can be custom cut to size.

  • High quality neoprene seal
  • Magnetic seal
  • Sound and smoke rated
  • Aluminum anodized casing - Anodized to 204
  • Casing applied as stop
  • Custom cut to size

Installation instructions and screws provided.

Please note: Once installed Tamper Proof Covers cannot be removed without damge to the product.

To purchase a replacement for this seal see our .25" Neoprene Bulb Replacement Seal.

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