Door Bottoms
Automatic Door Bottoms
Door Sweeps
Door Shoes

From small gaps to larger gaps, we've got it covered! Ensure the bottom of your door is sealed well with a high quality door bottom. Many options to choose from More...
Door Controls
Surface Door Closers
Floor Closers
Electromechanical Closers

Keep control of your doors with quality Door Closers. Ensure a smooth open and close through each usage. Large selection for all doors and applications More...
Flood Barriers
Door Dam Flood Barrier
Window Flood Barrier

Wave goodbye to Flooding! 1,000's of our custom flood barriers are being used to protects doorways, windows and building contect from heavy rain and water filtration. Easy and quick installation, designed for flash floods. More...
Architectural Trim
Rockwood Architectural Lines
MegaTek Trim Series
Leather Trim Series

Calling all Decorators! Full line of highest quality decorative architectural door trim by Rockwood Manufacturing. Huge selection of solid brass, wooden, leather door pulls More...
Sliding Doors
Barn Door Hardware
Single Track Hardware Set
Hettich Sliding Doors

Be confident in your sliding hardware! Large selection of Sliding Door Systems from industry leaders Hettich, Hager and Pemko, designed for constant, smooth operation. More...
Flat Utility Thresholds
Half Thresholds
Rubber Bumper Thresholds

All widths, all heights and lengths! With the largest online selection available, we are sure to carry a Door Threshold to suit your application More...


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Here at the Portland Art Museum we needed to change a restroom into a useful showered area, and with the threshold ordered to fit per your recommendation we were able to accomplish this in a speedy and safe manor, we are very pleased to have this product available with the exposed view to others who see this will consider future use. Thank you again for you great products and service!
Portland Art Museum, Portland Oregon
Dec 3, 2016