Door Seals
Using a door seal to seal gaps around your door can be simple and inexpensive and has major cost and environmental benefits. details
Door Hardware
The fascinating array of hardware available for doors is something we enjoy at Trademark Hardware and we are always looking for the highest quality door hardware available. details
Threshold are applied to doorways to insulate the gap between door and floor or to create a transition between two floor surfaces. details
Threshold Ramps are designed to ensure ease of movement through doorways or even interior thresholds and steps and for those with limited mobility. details
Stair Hardware
This section of hardware covers all your stair related hardware needs. From stair nosings to stair markings, we've got you covered. details
Weatherstrip seals around doors and windows help make your home air tight. It is one of the least expensive, simplest and effective ways to cut down on wasted energy in the summer and winter. details


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Here at the Portland Art Museum we needed to change a restroom into a useful showered area, and with the threshold ordered to fit per your recommendation we were able to accomplish this in a speedy and safe manor, we are very pleased to have this product available with the exposed view to others who see this will consider future use. Thank you again for you great products and service!
Portland Art Museum, Portland Oregon
Dec 3, 2016