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Our Adjustable Width Thresholds interlock with various sized plates to give you a threshold with custom dimensions. They are much easier to trim and fit than conventional, single sized saddles. They are crafted from high gauge metal to ensure long usage that will not be affected by heavy traffic abuse. Our adjustable thresholds install without exposed screws on the base for better aesthetics and durability.

There are two systems that you can create. The Adjustable Width System will create a threshold with your required width and length. The Adjustable Interlocking System creates a threshold with custom width and length and has an interlocking hook that prevents air and water from seeping through the gap under doors. It can also be used on surfaces that are not perfectly leveled.

Select a system to get started. Don't see what you need? Call us at 845-388-1300. Our trained staff will guide you through choosing the threshold that suits your needs.

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