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Hager Hinges represent the highest quality hinges available on the market. The Hager Company has been producing hinges for over 160 years and many of their hinges are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. In keeping to our commitment of selling high quality products, TM Hardware is proud to have partnered with Hager Companies.

An important note: When shopping for Hager Hinges be on the lookout for Hager USA Hinges as those are manufactured in the USA and are of higher quality (with longer warranties) versus Hager ECCO Hinges which are produced in China and are of lower quality. We offer both options on our site.

Need help finding a hinge for your needs? See our page on All You Need to Know About Hinges. You can also use our sophisticated search engine on the top of the page to search for a specific hinge, or use the filter on the left hand of the screen to narrow down your search.

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