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Rixson Floor Closers

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Rixson heavy duty floor closers provide the best mechanical means to support and control a door. They are designed to work with laws of physics to provide long-lasting performance and reliability. The bottom arm, which is directly connected to the floor closer spindle, supports the entire weight of the door, providing trouble free operation and long life, as a door supported in this manner relies on the strength of the floor to carry the weight, not the frame. This allows extremely heavy doors to be hung in an opening and lets any weight door swing with more efficient geometry.

Additionally, Rixson floor closers are fully concealed to maintain aesthetic design of the opening and to prevent vandalism or tampering.

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Rixson H28 Center Hung Floor Closer For Heavy Weight or High Traffic Doors, 2" Door Thickness
Rixson H28 Center Hung Floor Closer For Heavy Weight or High Traffic Doors, 2" Door Thickness
SKU: XH28_605

A High Quality Architecural Grade Center Hung Rixson Extra Heavy Duty Floor Closer for Heavy Weight or High Traffic Doors with a Minimum Thickness of 2". For use on single acting doors, this closer can carry loads up to 1000 lbs and up to 4'0" wide and 8'6" high doors. It is the perfect product for use on exterior or interior center hung doors especially those in high traffic areas. Many finishes and loads of available options. See below for all options and details.


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