Norton 6300

The Norton 6300 Series Low Energy Power Operator is the new generation “smart” opener and closer with obstruction detection that can be set close, open or stop when it hits an obstruction. The Slip profile blends beautifully with many door frames and the unit can be operated with a Radio Frequency Control.

Flood Protection

With the increase in flooding in many areas. We are once again reminding our customers that the first line of protection in at the doors which is usually at the ground level and is usually not properly sealed against water leakage. Flood protection for doors is of utmost importance and is what makes our door flood protectors so popular. Made from high quality marine grade aluminum with specialty seals this system is strong, tight and affordable. With over 10,000 barriers sold we know what works!

Hettich Sliding Door Hardware

Were excited to be from the only online sites to offer the full Hettich and Grant sliding door hardware. Hettich is industry known for their precision high quality hardware which makes them a perfect fit for Trademark Hardware where quality and service is our goal.

You can view the Hettich Heavy Duty sliding door hardware here. for a full of all the Hettich hardware including cabinet hardware. See this linkĀ

Rixson Floor Closers

Rixson Floor Closers are high end products that you will see on many of the heavy glass doors at hotels, malls and more. Due to the many options and finishes available on this product we have revised the way we list it many times over until we felt we have gotten it right. Right by Trademark Hardware means, giving our customers the most customizable options available in the easiest to choose format. If we feel some options will confuse the buying process we leave them in a separate “option tab.

Additionally we have been lowering the pricing to bring you the lowest prices on Rixson Door Hardware, which includes free shipping and large discounts on orders over $1,000.00 (which most Rixson orders end up being).