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First class service !! I am big on customer service having a business and these people are great to work with!
Cathi Nov 14, 2019
Many, many thanks for all the good service on a consistent basis. It’s a rare thing in this day and age and very much appreciated. Loyal and happy, Snooky Robins
S Robins Nov 14, 2019
This group is very knowledgeable and friendly and their website is super user friendly! Trademark Hardware is one of my favorite companies.
Melina S. Nov 5, 2019
Your website was phenomenal in helping me with my project. Thank you for the investment in this resource and thank you for sharing it with the general public.
I found the detailed cross-section drawings under the Product Specs tab for the threshold items to be extremely helpful in my design process.
Kind regards,
Steven J Oct 24, 2019
You can't go wrong with Kaya and the rest of your staff. They’re always very helpful and get things resolved quickly. Means a lot to me that they always give me the information on where the project is in relation to the delivery or any problems that we’re having. They always resolve the issue in a fair and equitable way. Thanks again for all your help Kaya
Ccremodeling & Woodworking Mar 8, 2019
Always responsive, even on a Sunday. Wow, you folks rock. Thank you! My customer service rep is Kaya. Really, above and beyond. Great job.
Rob L Feb 22, 2019
Thank you and much obliged. I will be waiting for their arrival. I appreciate your time and patience with this matter and with me. It is quite uncommon to find people like yourself that are dedicated to their work and in helping people. You have my utmost respect.
Once again, thank you.
Haytham J
Haytham J Mar 8, 2018
Wanted to let you know the wheelchair threshold has been installed; looks great and is functional.
We are so happy and pleased with how the threshold looks in our front room.

Thank you for working with us.

Cindy Dec 19, 2017
I just wanted to Thank You for putting up all your products online. I have been searching for the longest time for these products (order number 38xxx) and there it was on your website and nowhere else, clearly explained and easy to order. So I wanted to thank you again for creating your website. Jeffrey from South Carolina.
Jeffrey Dec 19, 2017
Your Web Site is the best I have seen. It is so well done. It was very easy for me to find what I needed. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks! Rock Creek Township
Donald L Nov 28, 2017