Door Bottom, Aluminum Casing with .440" Beveled Neoprene Seal

Door Bottom, Aluminum Casing with .440" Beveled Neoprene Seal

This door bottom sweep is fitted with a beveled extruded neoprene seal that seals the door to floor gap. It will prevent infiltration of drafts, light, sound, dust and smoke. Available in aluminum casing and is custom cut to size.


Price: $6.34

Avail. Finishes Aluminum Mill Finish

This door bottom sweep is constructed with a beveled extruded neoprene seal. The door bottom's seal help eliminate drafts and is smoke rated as well. It can fill gaps up to .4 inches. Its high quality neoprene seal allows for constant usage, with a smooth open and closing of the door. The door bottom's aluminum casing has a clean and sleek look and it gets surface mounted to the door. Available with an aluminum casing and is custom cut to size.

It is recommended this product be used in conjunction with a Door Saddle.

  • Solid neoprene beveled seal
  • Smoke rated
  • .094" Aluminum casing
  • Smooth open and close
  • Custom cut to size

Installation instruction and screws included.

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This product has a 3 year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

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