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How to Measure for an Automatic Door Bottom

There are 3 types of automatic door bottoms:

Mounted flush to the front of the door
Mounted into the notch out on face of door.
Mounted into notch out on bottom of door.

If in doubt, order a larger size.  All our door bottoms can be trimmed 2-3 inches using a hacksaw.

Semi Mortised and Mortised Automatic Door Bottoms:

Measure the door from side to side; that is the same size you need for your automatic door bottom.


Surface Mounted Automatic Door Bottoms:

Measure between the 2 stop moldings that are on your door jambs (stop molding is the little wood piece that sticks out in the middle of your door frame that your door closes onto). Then deduct 1/8 of an inch and that is your measurement.


When used in conjunction with a

Jamb and Header / Perimeter Gasketing

consider the extra width of the door stop and jamb gasket.

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