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Is there a minimum purchase order on your website?

Yes. A minimum purchase of $50.00 is required.

Why do you have a minimum purchase price?

Our business is geared towards contractors/builders and large commercial projects. While we are happy to serve end-users and smaller orders as well, we do require a minimum $50.00 order (Please note that there is an additional shipping fee see our Shipping and Returns Page for more details).

I found a product on your website that I would like to order. However, I see that when I select the finish and size I want, the price increases. Why is that?

The price shown before you make your selections is the starting price per foot, per range, or per peice, depending on the type of product. The price shown once you make your selections is your total cost.

What is your shipping fee?

Please see our Shipping and Returns Page for more information.

Is there an option for expediting orders and overnight shipping?

On certain orders this is a possiblity. A minimum order of $100.00 is required to qualify for this option. Please call us for pricing and to confirm that material is in stock.

Is there a fee to custom cut a product?

In regards to getting the lengths of products, usually not. Most of our products are custom cut to size, and are priced per foot. Some products have a minimal fee to cut to size. This fee is included in the price displayed. Ripping products to certain widths, adding beveled edges, is an option on certain products for a fee, please call for a quote.

I'm looking for a threshold, and I need it drilled in a specific pattern. Can this be done?

Most of our thresholds are drilled along the center line, unless otherwise noted in the description. If a specific drilling pattern is required it can be done, for an additional fee, by contacting our office and supplying a template.

Do I need to purchase screws / fasteners for my door hardware?

Unless otherwise noted in the description, all door hardware is provided with the necessary fasteners.

Can I open an account with you?

Unfortunately not. Our company policy is: "All orders must be PAID IN FULL prior to shipping". On larger orders we may allow a deposit for the order to be sent to production and payment in full once the order is ready to ship.

Can I receive a Quote?

Of course! We will happily provide you with a quote and send it to you in a format that allows you to check out and purchase with the click of a button.

You can request a quote by calling or emailing us. Additionally you can use the Quick Order page to enter your items and use the "Request Quote" at the bottom of the page.

What is your Return Policy?

Stock items can be returned with no restock fee.

Custom cut items are usually non returnable however when possible we will try to see if it can be recut and then a return will be allowed with a restock/recut fee. See our returns page for full details.

Every product has a "Returns" tab with specific guidance to that product please check there as well.


Please see our Information Center for further education and explanation of our products' details and features.