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Residential Exterior Door Sealing System

This Residential Doorway Sealing System combines a Door Gasket and Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip, Automatic Door Bottom with Neoprene Seal, Interlocking Doorway Threshold with Hook and Cam-Lift Hinge. This system is designed for residential exterior doors. The products in this system have high compression and interlocking properties which will prevent drafts, dust and water infiltration. Having a properly sealed door is more energy efficient and can lower utility bills.

Aluminum Door Gasket with Neoprene Seal (Z8878)This door gasket is applied along the sides and top of the door stop to create a compression barrier. When closed, the seal is compressed against the face of the door which prevents infiltration of sound, dust, drafts, light, and smoke.

Silicone Batwing Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip (Z8144): This self-adhesive weatherstrip is easily applied along the door frame for compensate for any extra gaps between the door and the door frame. The batwing shape conforms to the shape of the door for a superior seal.

Automatic Door Bottom with Neoprene Seal (Z350)The bottom of the door gets sealed with an automatic door bottom. The solid neoprene seal is automatically lowered with a high quality mechanism when the door is closed. This ensures a tight seal at the bottom of doors, which can adapt to floor surface changes over time. The seal rests on the flat surface of the threshold to ensure the tightest seal possible and prevent extraneous infiltration.

Interlocking Threshold with Water Return (Z175) and Interlocking Angle (Z25): The size of the automatic door bottom is compatible with this interlocking threshold. The doorway threshold interlocks with an aluminum hook to prevent infiltration of drafts and water. It can also be ordered with a water peep-hole and drain pan for extra protection.

Medium Capacity Cam Lift Hinge (Z953): Cam Lift Hinges greatly improve the sealing characteristics around a doors' perimeter. The hinge raises the door while it swings open and drops it when the door is closed, creating a tight seal. The hinge made of heavy duty material and is compatible with medium weight doors, up to 300 lb.

Ideal Application for:

Exterior doorways in residential homes, or exterior doors with medium frequency usage.

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Individual Product Specs:


Door Gasket with Neoprene Ring Seal (Z8878):

Batwing Style Weatherstrip (Z8144):

Residential Automatic Door Bottom (Z350):

Cam Lift Mortised Hinge (Z953):

Interlocking Water Return Threshold (Z175):

Interlocking Angle (Z25):


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