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System for Equipment Room Door

This system is designed for application on an equipment room door. The System combines Vision Lite Frame, an Intumescent Louver, Doorway Thresholds and Ball Bearing Hinges.

Vision Lite (AT4G): A vision lite frame is applied to provide light transfer, security and supervision between rooms. The added light transfer between rooms has economical advantages.

Intumescent Louver (A200AIL): By placing a louver at the bottom of an equipment room door it allows for room to room circulation, which has economical benefits. The added intumescent safety features will prevent fire from passing through and will prevent the spread of fire while protecting the contents of the room.

Doorway Threshold (Z63): Thresholds compensate for any gaps under doors and create a smooth and aesthetically appealing transition between the two floor surfaces.

Ball Bearing Hinges (ZZBB960): These hinges have a ball bearing interior which ensures a smooth, reduced friction and easy swing, even through constant usage.

The system has been successfully tested to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system products. All tests were performed with nationally accepted standards by independent labs (not by the manufacturer).

Ideal Application for:

Equipment rooms for schools, hotels, offices, nursing facilities and commercial buildings.

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