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What is a Door Gasket

Door gaskets are used to seal gaps at door perimeters (the jambs and the header). By sealing the gaps along the door frame you can significanly cut down on the infiltration of sound, light, drafts, moisture, fire and smoke. Applying a door gasket is a relatively simple and economical way to create a more insulated environment.

Familiarizing yourself with the different options, and clarifying your situation, can greatly ease the selection process. In this article you will learn about the various gaskets available, and be directed towards the gasket that best suits your needs.

Types of Gaskets

There are two different types of gaskets

  • Door Gaskets- Head and Jamb: Stop Mounted Gaskets are comprised of metal extrusions, which are mounted (usually using screws) to the stop molding of the frame or to the frame itself, with a gasket (usually rubber or brush seal) protruding from the aluminum housing.
  • Weatherstripping: Rubber Weatherstripping is a simple gasket, either adhered to the frame (usually via peel and stick adhesive), or inserted into a kerf in the frame.
Door Gasket Weatherstripping


Stop Mounted vs. Rubber Weatherstripping

Stop Mounted Gaskets provide a more superior seal than Rubber Weatherstripping, since they usually have a thicker gasket which completely seals the gap between the door and the frame. Additionally, a proper seal can be maintained at all times as the gasket can be adjusted during (and after) installation to create a proper seal. Weatherstripping is available in many sizes to suit your needs, however it can only be applied as is.

Door Gaskets - Insert Types

The most common types of seals used in stop mounted gaskets:

Brush Seals - Brush Seals are used to lessen infiltration of dust, drafts and light. Some of the brushes are also smoke and fire rated, see the Compliance Details“ information on individual product pages. Brush seals are available with straight or angled brushes, and can be applied in surface or mortised applications.

Magnetic Seal - Door Gaskets are also available with Magnetic Seals, which is a great option for metal doors. The seal naturally adheres to the face of the door to create a reliable seal, which has great benefits when weatherproofing a door.

Neoprene / Rubber Gaskets - Rubber Gaskets have great compression properties which block infiltration of sound, light, drafts, moisture and weather related leaks. Many rubber gaskets are smoke and fire rated and some of the higher end models are sound and pressure rated as well. Pleases review the “Compliance Details“ information on individual product pages.

Brush Seal Magnetic Seal Rubber Seal

Rubber gaskets are available in the following rubber types:

At Trademark Hardware we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction, therefore we prefer “Quality” hardware! Wherever possible we recommend staying away from vinyl rubbers and instead using the other higher grade, longer lasting rubber options listed above. See Understanding Rubber Gaskets for more detailed information.

Door Gaskets - Mounting Types

Surface Mounted Onto a Stop: Most standard gaskets are surface mounted onto an existing door stop. This mounting method is simplest to apply.

Surface Mounted As a Stop: Various models are available to be mounted as a stop. This mounting method should only be applied with heavy duty gaskets as the closing force of the door will be directly against the gasket. Mounting as a stop ensures a stronger seal and can be used together with a Surface Mounted Automatic Door Bottom for additional protection.

Mortised Mount: Door gaskets can also be purchased to be mortised into a molding in the door frame. This aesthetic option is great for high end doors where appearance is important. Most mortised models have a self-adhesive backing for no-hassle installation.

Onto A Stop
As a Stop


Additional Gasketing Features

Adjustable Seal: The most superior type of Stop Mounted Gasketing is a gasket with an adjustable seal. The adjustable feature allows you to get a perfect seal on improperly installed doors or doors that have naturally shifted or warped over time, as is common with wooden doors. Standard Duty Adjustable Gaskets (i.e. Z870) have the same sealing capability as Heavy Duty Models (i.e. Z170), but have a smaller profile.

Heavy Duty Models: Heavy duty gaskets are intended for applications where you are looking to achieve a high level of soundproofing, weatherproofing and/or moisture control. Additionally, many of our Heavy Duty Models can be supplied with Mitered Edges which ensures a more reliable seal.

FireStop Models: A FireStop Door Gasket can be used to provide additional Fire and Smoke protection or to restore lost fire ratings to a door. The Intumescent Material in the seal expands when heated to high degree which halts the spread of fire and smoke.

Anti-Ligature Seals: Anti-Ligature Seals are perforated at set increments which ensures the seal cannot be ripped off or used for anything other than its intended purposes. This feature is designed for correctional or mental health facilities.

Adjustable Seal
Heavy Duty
FIre Stop


Weatherstripping Types and Mounts

Self-Adhesive Weatherstripping: Self Adhesive Weatherstripping is available in various rubber options and shapes to ensure the best suitable product for your door. These weatherstrippings are supplied with a Self-Adhesive, Peel and Stick Backing which ensures easy, no-hassle installation and replacement.

Kerf Weatherstripping: Kerf Weatherstripping is known for its easy installation. Many doors frames are supplied with a narrow channel, otherwise known as a kerf, in which a weatherstrip is applied. No screws or adhesives are necessary for installation. If you are looking to replace an existing weatherstrip simply compare the shape to the various strips available on our site and select the most compatible option.

Metal Weatherstripping: Metal weatherstripping is applied with nails or adhesives to the door frame. Metal options are generally more stable and longer lasting than its rubber counterparts, however they are significantly more complex to install.

Self Adhesive
Kerf Weatherstripping
Metal Weatherstripping


Product Recommendations

Heavy Duty: The most superior gasket offered on our site is the Heavy Duty Adjustable Gasket (Z770). This provides an excellent seal, and when used in addition to one of our Automatic Door Bottoms and Doorway Thresholds, creates a complete soundproof solution to the perimeter of doors. Additionally, we also have a Standard Duty Adjustable Gasket (Z870).

Economical: If you prefer a more economical version, our Basic Casing Gasket (Z485), or Neoprene Bulb Seal Gasket (Z326) provides adequate protection as well.

Aesthetic: If you are looking for an aesthetically appealing gasket, check out our Mortised Gasket (Z5831), or Gasket With Cover and Double Neoprene Seal (Z478).

No-Hassle: For simple draft protection, browse our broad range of Self-Adhesive Weatherstripping and Kerf Frame Weatherstripping.

Heavy Duty, Z770
Economical Z326
Aesthetic, Z5831
Aesthetic, Z478


How to Order

The first step in placing an order is to determine the length of the door jambs and the width of the door header.

Make a decision about the types of installation you are going opting for, which seal is required for your situation, etc. Once you have all these details, you can select the most suitable seal from our vast array of gaskets.

Most of our Door Gaskets are custom cut to size. To order a full set for your door select the size required for the header of your door, select 'Quantity 1' (or as needed) and add to cart. Then select the size for your jambs, select 'Quantity 2' (or as needed) and add to cart. Checkout is simple and your Door Gasket is on the way!

**TIP**: Using the subcategories available under door gaskets and the filter on the left side of the screen will guide through our various options.

Additional Literature of Interest

Whatever the application or specific circumstances, you are sure to find the perfect product from our broad range of Door Gaskets. As always, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you with your purchase of fine quality door hardware, contact us at 845-388-1300.